Author’s Photography

Photos or snaps whatever you call them, just all the media you’ll find here in Men’s Vanity will be taken and uploaded by yours truly.

I am no expert when it comes to photography, but I will give my very best to make it look artsy at least so you guys won’t get fed up of messy, lifeless, uninspirational images. Since there are products and other items that may require before-and-after sort of preview, please don’t expect too much. That is how you make a disclaimer hahaha!

My personal cameras aren’t very close to what most professionals have in hand, but remember “A great calligrapher does not blame the brush!”. So just to give you an idea these are my tools: a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S7 Edge, Nikon DSLR, FujiFilm XA and some weird Polaroids.

I do love taking photos, but not of myself (selfies, hhmmmm you are guilty but not me) so this is a serious feat for me hahaha. Blogging about skin huh, let’s try not to bare too much, hope so.


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