Men’s Vanity: The Story

First off, thank you for reading this part of the blog where I’m about to tell you why I came up with this Men’s Vanity page.

The reason being I’m into a state of vanity since I learned to groom myself. I’ve been trying many different products which drives me to create this space. This is basically where I can put all my thoughts and opinion about my experiences and such on methods, products, routines and such which relates to skin care and personal hygiene.

But just like you who happened to bump here looking for something or just whatever, I’ve been through a lot of failed attempts to find the holy grail. And while we are sulking in our defeat, others are waking up with the gift of woke-up-like-this look, unfair I know! How can these people look so gorg, men and women naturally stunning without even putting anything in their faces and body? First of all, blame it to your genes, that’s right. The rest boils down to your lifestyle, the food you eat, and basically the life you live. Don’t stress yourself man.

What to expect? Expectations = Disappointments, get it?

So most of what I’ve tried which I will feature are based on sources from the internet, books and similar websites which I personally researched, read and of course tried. My intention is not limited to help anyone who’s in need of the information I will be providing in this page. However, in any way possible, it would be nice to hear from you guys that I’ve been such a great help (a godsend maybe).

I may sound like another guy talking big about things that literally is not on my expertise coz’ I am no esthetician. But trust that I’ll give you all honest-to-goodness reviews and information that I’ve learned myself.

– signing out 😉 –


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