Review: Skin Potions Snow Berry

A plethora of lightening and whitening creams are available in the local beauty industry. One of which is Skin Potions’ Snow Berry sleeping cream mask. The only problem we have is finding the one that perfectly fits our skin.

Obviously, not everyone can afford those highly recommended, best rated, and not to mention expensive night creams. Hence we opt for what we call economical alternatives. This product tho is not exactly cheap but well-worth the price tag. The SnowBerry from Skin Potions, marketed as a nighttime sleeping cream is a product to try.

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Product Details
Price PHP 450
Weight 50g
Pack Include/s Small pink tub
Ingredients Snail Enzyme Filtrate, Aloe Barbadensis*, Tomatoe Extract, Rice Bran Oil, Lemon Peel Extract

*Aloe Barbadensis is synonym of Aloe Vera

Formula Benefits

Effectively lightens dark spot, dark areas, pimple marks, pimple scars, freckles, stretchmarks,  bite marks and smoothens skin. Formulated with SPF 45 and creates an instant whitening effect with first use.


The Snow Berry sleeping cream mask can help improve the said skin issues, that’s true. However let me clarify some of the reviews and testimonials that Skin Potions are displaying to their page and kiosks at several malls. Lightening your skin in just one night?  No joke, mejo OA. And that’s just one of the many feedback that you might read if you look for reviews or visit their store. Let’s say it’s true but remember, what do wonders for others won’t always do wonders for you.

I have used the SnowBerry for more than two weeks now. I apply it all over my face and below chin and jaw every single night. It dries out like powder – if you’re familiar with Oryspa rice powder face mask or have ever use it, just like that. If not, try adding water to face powder and use it as a mask, the result is just the same. Based on my personal experience there’s no significant change in my skin tone. Perhaps it’s too early to notice any changes. But it managed to at least lighten a dark spot. About acne scars, I am not blessed with a perfectly smooth face but I rarely experience breakouts so no comment on that side.

What it gives me is a fairly smooth skin after rinse. My skin’s on the oily side so products as such troubles me, but instead it helps. Do you know that oil pulls oil? The SnowBerry contains Rice Bran Oil and the formula reduces excessive oil and sebum. The downside tho is it’s not easy to rinse off with just water. So I personally use a facial wash from TheFaceShop to cleanse and skin still feels smooth after washing. The effect is like of those shiny korean-like skin minus the paper-white complexion, lol. For me, without expecting from it’s lightening benefits it can be a better substitute to Nivea’s soft moisturizing creme.

Skin Potions Snow Berry can be a good nighttime moisturizer with a lightening effect but don’t expect real quick results. Effects may vary from one person to another but I guarantee the effects are legit. Overall it’s a good product that I would personally recommend and definitely buy again once done with my first tub.

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