Uses and How It Works: Konjac Sponge from BeautyMNL

Here’s a cup of knowledge that you need to sip before using a Konjac Sponge. I’ve covered in this post the general things we need to know about its uses and how it works. Also, I provided three tips to remember so you get the most out of this spongy little tool that beauty experts go crazy.

Konjac Sponge
Konjac Sponge

Though it is already known as a gentle, yet effective tool for deep facial skin cleansing. Before it became a trend and spread across several countries due to its popularity as a tool for skin care which started among Asians. Did you know that Konjac had early been used by Indochinese people and was then brought to Japan from China. Back then, it was mainly useful as a cooking ingredient and a sponge when bathing babies. Furthermore, it is very rich in vitamins such as A, B1/2/6/12, C, D and E that are essentially important for our skin.

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I have used one before, maybe a year or two ago, which I purchased from Nature’s Republic. It’s actually not easy to find sellers aside from eBay though it’s not really convenient to order online especially from that source. I still remember a video from YouTube by one of my fave vlogger “Ivan Lam”, he’s great trust me. He’s awesome, good-looking and reliable when it comes to information about men’s skin care. Anyway, that’s when I first saw a Konjac Sponge and got so interested that I did search where to buy it locally. Nowadays, there are plenty of resellers and suppliers online where you can find a good one. But luckily we now have – check them on FaceBook and Instagram where I got my Facial Konjac Sponge by Swan Products.

Personally, my facial cleansing routine doesn’t include the Konjac sponge. Perhaps I’m confident with the exfoliating effect of my foam cleanser that I don’t consider the use of additional scrub. But experimenting may lead to a good trial and error result, that’s what I believe. And, I learned this from one of my great source of cosmetics, that a product may progressively loose its effectiveness due to our skin getting used to it. So yeah, that’s one reason, and of course I get myself a Konjac Sponge to harness all its great benefits.

How to Use Konjac Sponge
How to Use Konjac Sponge

Things to know:

Daily Exfoliating

It is very gentle due to its fibers ability to hold an amount of liquid (water in particular). Daily scrubbing won’t harm the skin in your face and body, so it is definitely safe to use everyday. Basically, you soak it in the water (for first-time use) until it becomes soft, put a drop of your cleanser and let it foam, then scrub your face for not more than 30-45 seconds. Exfoliating gives you more radiant and smoother-looking skin. Tho it is not comparable to non-abrasive skin treatments like diamond peel and such.

Facial Cleansing

That is mainly how it became trendy. It’s been used even by celebrities for cleansing their skin primarily facial. It can effectively dislodge those excess oils and dirt which can lead to blackheads and whiteheads, or worse pimples if we don’t take it off our face completely. If you are prone to such issues, it can actually unclogged pores making it easier to draw out blackheads/whiteheads and all that junks. However, please be noted that Konjac Sponges won’t heal your breakouts but rather prevents you from getting more thru thorough cleansing. Maintaining a dirt-free, oil-free, hygienic skin is one of the main preventive measures of having breakouts.

Makeup Remover

I don’t use makeup, but vloggers hype this tool as a perfect makeup remover which I’ve seen from their videos. It’s pretty much obvious anyway, ‘coz our hands aren’t as porous as this thing. Some even claims it’s safer to use around the eye area rather than those wipes and pads. If using as eye makeup remover, don’t put soap or anything that may cause irritant. Remember, a good makeup remover is just as important as the makeup you put on your face.

Keep it Clean

Just like your makeup sponges, it is replaceable. You don’t think it comes with a recycle bin where it puts all those bacteria it can get from cleaning your face right. It can be antibacterial, yes, it should be at the least, but eventually you will have to re-purchased for sanitary purposes. Again, you have the link at the top just go see their Konjac products.

The three A’s to remember:

A little goes a long way

Unlike using your hands, its porous property can create a rich foam with just a drop or pea-sized amount of cleanser.

Avoid acne zones

It will only do more harm than good if you scrub areas with pimples, cuts, infections and whatnots. It is known to be gentle but putting pressure while scrubbing is not a good idea.

Always clean it after use

Rinse it until water runs clear when you squeeze it. You don’t want dirt residue to thrive on the sponge. A month of use is good enough to get a replacement.

Konjac Sponges are safe to use daily, but you know your skin better than anyone else. If you feel like it’s too harsh for your over sensitive skin try using every other day. Adjust according to what you think is best for you. Let me know of your personal experience thru the comment section below. Who knows, I might just give you a free Konjac Sponge from BeautyMNL.

Product Details
Price PHP 90 – 100+
Stated in Packaging No Preservatives / Coloring / Additives
Pack Include/s Facial Konjac Puff Sponge
Ingredients Konjac root powder, Calcium Hydroxide, Water
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