8 Cuts Burger Blends: Make Your Own Burger

Don’t ask me of what I usually crave for ’cause I can reel off a couple just to give you an idea of what’s normally on my table. But if there’s anything I’d like to have just so I wouldn’t feel hungry for a good part of the day, it would be burger. And 8Cuts Burger Blends is one resto that I can frequent on any time of the day!

I can actually prepare my own ready-in-a-jiffy burger. Just go get some bun and put that ketchup, mustard, pickle, cheese, tomato then patty in between. I mean that’s it, pretty easy right! However, since I am neither chef nor have all the good ingredients let’s just say the taste of what I can make is just average. Come on guys just let me lift my own chair here, LoL.

If only Teddys Bigger Burgers had not closed in Shangri-La Plaza, I wouldn’t have searched for a new resto nearby. I missed their salad! Luckily, I found 8Cuts that boasts mouthwatering meat blends to satisfy my craving. You’ll just be surprised or maybe not once they handed out the menu. The first time I tried to eat here with my friends we were asking each other what to order. I mean that’s typical for a group, but not for us, unless their ain’t any picture of meals from the menu. Yes, aside from one page with a single patty in five slices and another a plate of fries drizzled with ketchup, the rest let’s you imagine. (Update: The menu has been improved with more pages, huraaay)

8 Cuts Burger Blends Cheeseburger

In 8Cuts no two patties are ever exactly the same. I guess (let me take a wild guess and don’t take it personally) that has something to do with the menu. The name 8Cuts by the way, is a reference to their premium eight beef cuts mainly – chuck, sirloin, rib eye, short rib, brisket, flank, hanger and the newest ox tail blend. What’s more special about this resto is that your burgers are seared to order.

8 Cuts Burger Blends

8Cuts Burger Blends tagline #MeatOurBlends – made them known as one of the Make-Your-Own burger joints. So to try, I ordered a cheeseburger to which I prefer smoothly melted cheese. But looking at the pic above, it looks meeehh, and a bit disappointing as I was expecting a little more overflow. But you can add you all the cheese you want from their selection, checkout the menu.

Allow me to show you what’s inside an 8Cuts’ burger, of course this one’s just what I ordered. Considering you requests all the toppings available which is by the way a total of 7, I bet it wouldn’t be the same as the pic below.

8 Cuts Burger Blends Cheeseburger

Burgers from 8Cuts are totally good in terms of all factors that a burger-lover would consider. And the fries is just a perfect complement. In fact, I could munch it alone without any complain but of course with a drink. The seasoning and crisp, for me is awesome. But wait till you get to try their onion rings, demn so good, to-die-for flavor and crispiness!

8 Cuts Burger Blends Fries Onion Rings

Here are some more photos taken while I’m trying to get a hold of myself as I was literally hungry at that time but then I have to consider the shoot-first-eat-later adopted policy.

8 Cuts Burger Blends 8 Cuts Burger Blends

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