Aloe Vera for Men’s Skin Care

Aloe Vera, the ‘plant of immortality’ has boundless benefits that are well-known. It has been extremely use by many for their skin primarily and other parts of the body. Even I have fallen for it when I knew about some of the amazing things it can do for our skin.

Back then, when I’m researching what wonders it can do for me what I learned is considered just the tip of the iceberg. With that small amount of knowledge regarding how Aloe Vera can help my skin improve, I decided to invest. I started using the Aloe Vera 92% soothing gel from Nature Republic where I frequent for few skin products. Its rival tho, The Face Shop has the same to offer which is the Jeju Aloe 99% fresh soothing gel.  I have tried both and in my opinion there’s not much of difference in terms of skin effect.

I’ve been using the gel as moisturizer at night during weekdays. Just massage an ample amount in your face, leave it for a couple minutes then rinse after. Weekends if have the spare time I use it as a face pack. Same thing, massage and leave it just longer for like 30-45 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. If i’m too lazy, which I am naturally, what I do is gently rub it until it’s totally absorbed and you’ll feel like dead skins are starting to peel off. Try it so you’ll know what I’m saying here. Additionally, that circular motion and patting will help stimulate blood flow giving you more radiantly looking skin. Of course rinsing is still required not unless you want to sleep with a sticky feeling, your pillows won’t complain anyway. Others are using it as an overnight cream and wash their faces in the morning, but my white pillow sheet is telling me not to consider doing such.

From the gel type I switched to mist spray because, one I’m always lazy to do the rinsing part and second my tub run empty. Luckily when I visited the shop to re-stock I saw this Alove Vera face mist and I was like ‘this is exactly what I’m asking for’. Right then and there I grab a bottle and pay for it without asking about the product like I usually do. Basically, I know how and where to use Alove Vera products essentially for my skin. After my purchased, a lot goes in my mind. At last I can bring it and use it anywhere, just do that swish-swish (spraying left and right), spray-it-leave-it your good to go, and many silly things. Those thoughts I figured got me even more lazy but convenience is something we all ask at times right!

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that some people even drink the fluid, that sticky substance that can be extracted from its raw leaves. Speaking of which, I saw a video from YouTube, a man peeling off the skin of the plant and eating it like a gelatin, #YUM. I think it’s edible and I know it has a lot of nutrients, but I’d rather rub it in my face instead. For me topical use is still my best option. In fact, there’s a study which tells that aloe vera when use topically can decelerate skin aging.

If you already know all the many benefits of using Aloe Vera, whether in its raw, gel, or mist form that’s good to know. While others still have to learn more, here are some of my personal tips on how you can use it regularly. This works for both MEN and WOMEN. Just so you know, I still purchase the gel from Nature Republic which I use for certain tips from the list at the bottom.

Aloe Vera as Face Mask/Pack

I mentioned using it as face pack/mask which hydrates and moisturize my skin. But I suggest not to leave it overnight. It’s messy for your pillows if you normally sleep sideways, and if you know how to properly use a mask or pack you know that it can dry your skin if you let it dry on your face. I’ll cover this on a separate post to elaborate, for now just listen! You can add essential oils in the gel mixture for additional effect. Peel the mask (if you apply a thick layer it’ll be easier) off your face, wash and pat dry.

Aloe Vera for Shaving and After-Shave Cream

This is specifically for men. Using it as a shaving cream not only aids during but also after you shave. Aloe Vera has this property that heals the skin and accelerates the healing even more. That is exactly what you need if you are prone from nicks and blotches from shaving. Apply it before to give moisture onto the surface and to soften the facial hair. Re-apply using the spray/mist after you shave and let it dry.

Aloe Vera Eye Cooling Pads

We all hate eye bags and dark circles right so I came up with a crafty idea. What I do is put the gel on a cotton pad and place it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. Once it’s cold enough, lie down on your sofa or bed and cover your eyes with the pads. Let it sit there until they’re cool, you’ll surely love the refreshing sensation. At the same time, aloe vera helps prevent wrinkles around the eye area. Put it back in the bridge in a ziplock or clean plastic for reuse.

Aloe Vera as Toner

Acne marks, red spots and blemishes from yesterday’s pimples are extremely annoying. What you can do is use the Aloe Vera spray after bath if you don’t have a toner. You know it heals your skin so it’s given that it can help reduce those redness, skin impurities and pimple marks. Also, it works as an effective moisturizer which softens your skin. Or if you have the gel, use it when massaging your face either morning or night, just rinse after.

Aloe Vera as In-Shower Lotion

Apply the gel or spray all over your body in the shower and rinse off before you get out. If you ever heard of body soaps infused with Aloe Vera this technique is way better than using those, I tell you! Do it regularly, sing the alphabet while lavishing it in to your body and you’ll love how deeply moisturize your skin can be.

Those are just some of the ways on how you can use Aloe Vera and there are tons more that I will post eventually. If you have your own technique or unique way feel free to share it with everyone else at comment section below.

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      I never thought I could use that for my gums as well, that’s good for everyone to know. I might create a separate post for that interesting topic. Thanks for sharing

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