Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 Reminds us of Spring

Green is the new ‘in’ for 2017. Pantone, the guru in naming color trends had announced that “Greenery” is the color of the year.

Stylists and designers have all been anticipating color trends every year. Last 2016 if you can remember, it was Rose Quartz which has a soft character. That reminds me a lot of Instagram users who had their feed transitioned to blend in. But this year’s choice of palette seems like it’ll be kind of easier to follow. Just think about of nature, outdoor, spring and all things that looks green and fresh.

Fashion – Style – Wardrobe

My style doesn’t agree with this year’s color. In fact, I only have one tee and a boxer, if my memory serves right, that I keep on my wardrobe. My safest ootd would be a green shirt paired with jeans and brown high cut or white sneaks. I trust that I can pull off a style for formal, casual or even a layer with a touch of greenery but still it’s a NO for me.

Green is an existing color in the fashion industry. Designer brands like Hermes and Burberry have already incorporated a variety of shades of this year’s color pick into their runway. Besides, green ain’t weird and awkward. Tho it reminds us of spring, you can still bring it on just about any season. Talk about workplace, tho it’s considered far from the traditional colors such as black, navy, and grey it’s actually safe. Just mind the fit and material used. Remember, it’s not what you wear but rather how you wear it.


You are not limited to green leather and bead bracelets, don’t forget the eye wears. Sunglasses like aviators and those with gradient lenses are just perfect to wrap up your style. If you fall under the minimalist type, a watch with a bold color strap is fine but not very recommended. How about just a touch of green on its dial or frame/case? The bottom line about accessories is that they are there to supplement our outfits. It doesn’t have to be exactly of the same color with your top or bottom wear.

Whatever the color of the year may be, it’s all a matter of choice whether we follow or not. We all have our own styles and preferences. It won’t hurt trying to look good with your own choice of outfit. Go all out or minimal, if that’s what you think is best just make sure you can pull it off right.


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