Add Green Into Your Style

Let me give you a rundown of trendy and stylish menswear pieces that you can wear in style while following this year’s color trend. As it was revealed that ‘Green’ is the color for 2017, we might be looking into something to add into our wardrobe.

You’ve already seen them or might have worn some of these that I would have to recommend. But have you considered wearing, let’s say a green suit or chino? Seems like you are a bit uncertain. Then how about: military, camou, mint, guacamole – just to name a few shades that aren’t too mainstream. Some of us would, while others would not incorporate this color into their personal style. So how about we go back to the basic wardrobe must haves and see what we can do.

Bomber Jackets & Suits

Let’s start with the Bomber Jacket ’cause it’s really a fave lately by most gents whether rocking a dapper or street style look. They’re so trendy that even Perry Ellis, Louis Vuitton and Cavalli had their own take and reinterpreted this simply-looking uniform into a more exquisite piece. By adding details such as embroidery, prints, texture and pattern they turned a bowling jacket into a fine and classy bomber jackets.

Another thing about it is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have it incorporated in your personal style. It’s been everywhere since last year, and swear I thought I could probably score a good one from thrift store shopping. You’ll want it in your wardrobe in almost any season especially come Fall, except Summer of course.

For suits, with regard to color-of-the-year, I personally would go for either dark and deep or light and blue-ish. You can pair them with jeans, slacks, shorts or chino pants in khaki, oath, tan, brown and black colors. Whether this be a workplace or anywhere you need to be dressed formally or smart, it’s always the fitting and how you pull off that style. Also, take into account that green is not practically a main color for suits so avoid the bright shades on certain environments. For casual wear, you can top a shirt with an olive green suit.

I don’t need to explain why it’s a must have for you, ‘coz it should definitely be in the first place. It’s a menswear that is essential for formal and smart-casual occasions.

Shorts, Jeans & Pants

There’s not much to say about shorts ‘coz you can definitely wear any color of it, and be playful with it. Pants on the other hand have some keys to follow. It is not very common to see jeans dyed in any shade of green. Chinos are typically in a variety of colors so it’s fine to have one and pair it with a shirt, a suit or any top you could ever imagine. If you’re considering about green in a business environment the key is to make sure you look formal enough.

Accessories & Whatnot

Add a dash of glimmer to your style by adding some metals on your wrist. Gold looks good with green, so brown leather bracelets with gold-ish locks are fine. Beads are also perfect, complementing colors such as black, white, amber, peridot and jade are the ones to invest. Aside from those, you also might consider scarfs, cap, neck and bow ties, cufflinks, square pockets, and even socks. Men’s sock fashion is serious, it gives you another option to add a pop of color, detail and pattern to your outfit.

There is something timeless about authenticity.

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