Wenjie Canvass Jetsetter Backpack

Backpack is one of the many stuffs that I collect. It’s also a fave travel essential by backpackers like me, either for short or long trips. Whether I take a trip abroad or just an over the weekend jaunt, I always carry one.

Just over a year ago, backpacks were considered the next upcoming trend. With all the varieties of styles and designs that came out targeting fashion-forward people, it’s no surprise. Back then there are only few bag manufacturers that have fired up my enthusiasm for backpacks, one of which is Herschel. But nowadays we’ve got a lot of brands to consider like locally we have Technopak and from Japan there’s Anello.Wenjie Canvass Backpack

I actually would love to have one from Anello, or let’s make it two, the classic and 2way tote designs. Tho I’d been eyeing some other brands as well that I consider buying (nag aantay lang ng sale). Fortunately, I found Wenjie canvass backpacks from Lazada and whew they’re on big discount. So long story short, I got the grey laptop bag which really suits my liking.

It’s not a backpack that you can wear with anything but that’s not an issue anyway. Whenever I wear it, the bag complements the character of most outfits that I’ve tried it with. I can fit my laptop in its interior compartment and everything that I essentially need for work, photo shoots, weekend trip, and hanging out goes into the main pocket. The padded velcro closure keeps important materials, gizmos and stuffs like that in place. It also has a flap cover paired with magnetic snap buttons in brown leather straps for added security.

Unlike backpacks that are made with heavyweight cotton canvass material, this Wenjie bag is made of oxford fabric with minimal leather to accentuate some edges. In terms of pressure on my shoulder I don’t feel that much difference when they’re strapped on my back. So overall, it’s a good purchase.

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