Back with More Skin Care Ideas: Caveman Regimen Intro

After taking few months off, for some reason I couldn’t bring myself explain, the long hiatus is over. Looking back at my last post here, it feels like I’ve slacked off unreasonably.

Well yeah, I just disappeared and took a path which is a little bit the upside down of this vanity world I started. But, I did not totally forget about taking good care of myself of course. From time to time I’m still trying products and regimens that are very interesting and new to me. Don’t worry you’ll learn more about my journey when I was out of my little space here, as I get myself busy clearing backlogs.

It was great to begin with, getting rid of the regular beauty routines which I prefer to call daily habits by the way. Yes, I did let go of all the facial products that I have been using for years or so, even lotions, hand creams, hair treatment products, whitening soap and so on. I became partially a caveman, which is exactly the thing that I’d like to introduce to you guys. Going back to the times when we or rather people back on those ages when they have nothing to use on their faces and body except a clean water and maybe a good bathing. It’s not a bad idea.

Anyone ever heard of the CAVEMAN REGIMEN?

First of all, it’s not a treatment, though probably a method I may consider. Just like those lots of skin how-to’s you’ll find in the internet, you’d be surprise to stumble across a variety of its version. However, it’s basically a way of life (too exaggerated)¬†that will have to force you to bid goodbye to those facial products. It means you need to wash your face only with water, that’s it. Any skin products whatsoever is not recommended and should be avoided. To try the caveman regimen, lock away your lotion tonique, night creams, serum, toner, oils, and just about everything in that 7-step korean facial skin care you’ve been accustomed to. Doesn’t sound too easy right?

We’ll be talking more about this on my next post. I hope you guys are still there for me waiting hahaha (who am I kidding)¬†– lol feeling celeb. Anyway, that’s all for now and hopefully I get back on track real fast to keep you posted.

One thought on “Back with More Skin Care Ideas: Caveman Regimen Intro

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