Caveman Regimen: Benefits for Oily Skin

If you’re anything like me, too lazy to do skin care routines or put a lot of stuff in my face then this is definitely a must read for you. It’s been dubbed as the Caveman Regimen, and you’ll either get so eager to try it or consider it gross.

I personally have obsessively used a lot of products on my skin especially on my face. But I’m not into those routinary skin care steps like cleansing – toning – moisturizing blah blah. Not that I’m against it, but rather too lazy and a little anxious to put layers of products on my face. So when I learned about the caveman regimen, I decided to give it a try with a little modification.

What is caveman regimen?

The principle behind this caveman regimen basically requires not washing your face, like literally neither water nor any products should touch it. I said it was fine for me to ditch cleansers, toners and moisturizers I’m using, but NO water, that’s not OK so I modified it. Just the thought of tropical weather plus dirt and pollution makes me feel itchy and gross. I can imagine your head nodding in agreement.

Probably a lot of you might be worried to stop using products thinking that If you do, it might just worsen the condition of your skin. But here’s a good point to consider. Why in millions of both men and women who have used a plethora of skin care products still struggle. While others just sleep and wake up without putting anything or doing nothing in their face. Yet still, they have the good complexion and often times looks way better than those who have devoted themselves from doing 7 to 9 steps of skin care routines every single day. Of course there are a lot of factors to blame like the genes, weather, diet, lifestyle, so on and so forth. But the point is, many doesn’t make any kind of point to take care of their skin as much as we do, and they never worry having trouble with it. So why not give this regimen a try!

Doing the Modified Caveman Regimen

Whatever you think of what I said is fine, but after I’ve tried the caveman regimen I could say that it did help my skin recover. I have this oily skin type before, and when trying products like facial wash and toner it’s always either they make it worse or control it at the least. I’m using the Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam before, which was mentioned on my review for iWhite Korean Skin Care Set go check it if you like. It did control the oiliness but it won’t last a day, while the one from iWhite doesn’t work for me but at least it didn’t double the trouble.

While I’m into the regimen for a good 2 months or more, I only use water to wash my face and let it air dry or pat a clean towel. Along the process, I realized my skin’s oily problem was tamed. Blackheads that often pop out on my T-zone became lesser. Before, I had to ante up a lot of money over products that claim to control oiliness. Mind you most of it got me waking up with a good amount of oil to cook an egg in my face. So yeah lesson learned, money got wasted and problem still persist.

About the claims by many that it clears acne, I could not attest to that as i don’t suffer from such issues. Probably had 1-2 breakouts, and what I often do is just dab some Hydrogen Peroxide and they disappear in about a day or two. Yes, I know I said don’t use products specifically for the face. But I do my regular once a month facial at Bench Skin Expert. This I believe is to get rid of my whiteheads and blackheads to further prevent breakouts or pimples. Don’t give me that look, remember it’s a modified version. So yes they used products but can you tell them hey just use water I’m a caveman!

If you ask me if it whitened my face, well unless it has been discovered that water can brighten and lighten the skin complexion I bet you already know the answer. Maybe if you wash your face with water followed by applying Vitamin C serum like the C20 Signature C Source, whitening ampoule and the likes, then it might whiten your skin.

Skin’s Natural Healing Process

Here’s one thing I learned from, that our skin produces the so called “acid mantle”. It is considered a natural layer of protection which primarily includes sweat, oil and good bacteria. Keeping those three key ingredients allows the natural healing/protecting process of our skin. But according to a lot of infomercials and commercials about skin care products, oil and sweat build up can cause pimples and other issues. On the contrary, using their products can strip off the natural oil and imbalance the natural ph level of our skin.

While some of you might have started using various products since you were a teen. Have you ever wonder what would happen if you stop using them? Perhaps what you thought was helping you rid the problem was actually the one that promotes it. And this is very true, try reading reviews of certain products and you’ll find that there is almost as much negative as there is positive.

Less is More

The caveman regimen is really out of the norm for the vast majority of people who are trying to improve their skin condition thru products popularized by media and influential skin care experts. So it’s up to you whether try it or not, just make sure you research enough. There’s no such perfect caveman regimen or whatever regimen there is because we all have our own skin qualities and types. Reactions and results may vary from one person to another. You may do it exactly as told by the puritans or try it my way I don’t mind. You have to realize that understanding your skin is the key to a better and working solution.

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