Aqua Facial: Love Your Skin by Danily Vera

All thanks to that tweet by MJ Perez of VanityRoomPH and the vid of his friend Michael Angeles – checkout the guys vlog in YouTube regarding his Revlite laser experience. Before I forget everything from my spa sesh in Love Your Skin by Danilyn Vera, here goes my AquaFacial story.

Love Your Skin - Danilyn Vera
Love Your Skin – Danilyn Vera

Well I did my research first about this new clinic which just opened months ago I was told. They’ve got a lot of services from typical to advance treatments, it’s just amazing. Most of it are in their introductory price including the Aqua Facial and Revlite so I figured trying one. To know all the services they offer including prices go check out their page here: Love Your Skin Facebook.


Also referred to as HydraFacial / Hydra Dermabrasion / Water Peel blah blah, is different from the traditional dermabrasions. It’s a non-ablative, non-laser skin rejuvination treatment. It uses the 4-in-1 Vortex technology which includes cleansing, peel exfoliation, extraction and mineral fusion. It offers to deliver results with NO downtime.

Aqua Facial - Love Your Skin
Aqua Facial – Love Your Skin

In my own words, here’s what you need to know about the Aqua Facial treatment from Love Your Skin page:

AquaFacial by Love Your Skin

The treatment uses an ultrasonic spatula that gently exfoliates the skin without discomfort. It is intended to clean and nourish the skin to give it a glowing and brighter appearance with lasting results. Deep-pore cleansing eliminates black/whiteheads less the painful extraction.

Promo Price: 800 PHP | Regular Rate: 1500 PHP

Basically, Aqua Facial has 4 stages much like the regular treatment I get from BENCH Skin Expert. The difference is on how each is done.


It’s normally the first stage with any facials. Gently cleansing the pores to get rid of sebum and dirt build up. It’s like setting up the skin and conditioning it for the more essentials steps.


Removing dead skin cells thru non-invasive skin resurfacing and temporarily opens pore to effectively extract impurities evenly. The liquid from the tip of the device is infused with a mix of glycolic and salacylic acid. This helps loosen deep-pore dirt, whiteheads and blackheads. Simply enough it extracts pustules, white/blackheads thru vacuum suction. Painless as promised.


Yes it’s included and I’m so glad! It breaks down cellulite/fat in certain areas of the face – cheeks for me. Radiofrequency is used to heat up and tighten skin, also aids in blood circulation.


The last step includes anti-oxidants, a fusion of potent peptides is applied into the skin. It aids in the rejuvination and restoration of a healthy skin structure.

Aqua Facial Machine
Aqua Facial | Hydro Peel Microdermabrasion Machine

How was my experience?

Well, I didn’t feel any irritation and true enough it’s relaxing that even while chatting with the facialist I still felt sleepy – LoL. It did brighten my skin, and that’s normal since it was cleansed. But, looking closely to the mirror I find that there are still whiteheads left on some spots. I wasn’t expecting that ‘coz the treatment seemed so advance and effective. A minimal issue tho, probably need more session to see better results. RF on the other side did a great job, I think I’m getting close to achieving the Xian Lim look hahaha.

I asked her how often should I have the treatment with my current skin condition and was told it’s fine to have it bi-weekly. One thing good about her is that she knows exactly what she’s doing. In fact everyone’s doing great with their jobs from welcoming and accommodating, to all the services. Did I tell you they will serve you drinks like coffee and tea while waiting? Awesome I know! The clinic has an aesthetic ambiance with soothing whiff of spa-like fragrances in every corner and room.

This is gonna be a regular spa clinic for me I should say. Maybe I’ll try their IV drip or push, and also the Revlite which has been getting a hype from the minority of skin care bloggers and alike. To know more about Love Your Skin by Danilyn Vera, I have provided details at the bottom of this post, ciao!

LOVE YOUR SKIN by DANILYN VERA located @Unit 10 Ground floor, East of Galleria Condominium Ortigas Pasig City

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