Coffee For Men’s Skin, Hair and Health

Coffee can do more than just to jump-start your morning. It’s a staple for many due to numerous health benefits they reap from drinking a cup of joe any time of the day.

While having a cup this morning it just came to me. What else do I get from drinking coffee every day especially its benefits for my skin. I’m not one who would have it for its antioxidants or stimulant effect on the body. I take it essentially to warm me up right after jumping out of bed and before taking a shower.  But, I would be honest that at some point I use it to suppress my appetite and satiate hunger. Decaffeinated coffee is better in lowering hunger levels.

Going back, I researched about how coffee contributes to having a healthier or better looking skin. Hence it’s no surprise why there are lots of serums that contain coffee or have it as a key ingredient. So, what could these little aromatic beans can do more. Keep reading to find out why you as well should include this organic substance to your skincare regimen.

Coffee Tighten Pores

Let us not drop names and brands here. But there are cosmetics that claim to tighten pores due to having coffee extracts. Tho the effect is temporary, coffee with its diuretic property can definitely help you tighten skin. Basically it draws out fluid from the cells to the surface which then dehydrates and causes cells to shrink.

Coffee Brighten Skin

Brightening is not exactly whitening so don’t get confused. Coffee can be used as a facial and body scrub to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells. A clean face always looks brighter right! It wakes up your skin making it look more radiant. Just be careful when using ground coffee when scrubbing your face as it may too abrasive for sensitive skin.

Coffee Soften Skin

Coffee has skin softening properties, to further enhance pair it with any of these – coconut oil, milk, and honey. For oily skin it is recommended to replace milk with yogurt for better results.

Depuff Under Eye

The presence of caffeine which has anti-inflammatory properties aids in dehydrating the cell. It stimulates blood flow in areas where it has accumulated when coffee is applied topically. Thus, under eye swelling or puffiness are minimized. A simple and quick tip, make ice coffee cubes and rub gently under the eyes for that instant fix.

Coffee Hair Benefits

If coffee can make our skin look a lot better, it does the same thing for our hair. Use it as a rinse and get a silky soft finish. Caffeine in coffee helps treat hair loss by stimulating the root of the scalp to promote growth. One shampoo I’ve tried is from Dove but there are many other brands you could try. Another keynote is that coffee gives hair that natural shine by helping it strengthen and be more manageable.

There goes my list, so it’s all up to you to either drink it up or spread all over your body. Coffee has antioxidants and to reap more health benefits from it, brew your coffee to release more flavonoids.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you get useful information. Let me know what else can you do with your coffee thru commenting below.

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