Beauché Gluta Soap: Review

I have always enjoyed getting lighter skin. This led me to try lots of whitening soaps particularly the ones with glutathione and kojic, though it’s been like an on and off relationship.

Now I started to put more effort on trying and using such products to see which is more compatible, I should say, to my skin. Basically I’ve been through a mix of some bad and good experiences which I’ll probably tell you later on. But for this post I’m gonna give this one for the Beauche Gluta Soap by Beauché Skin Care International.

Beauche Gluta Whitening Soap


Let’s go with the ingredients first so you would know if there’s something from the content that you are allergic of. Tho the packaging change it seems like the formula stays the same with Aqua, VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil), Milk, Songyi Mushroom, Glutathione and Vit. C. If you haven’t heard or not aware of this, the first ingredient listed contributes more than the rest.

Beauche Glutathione Whitening Soap


To be honest this is the first time I’ve tried one of their products. Glad it wasn’t a dismay or rather ended up hating the brand. Straight to the point it was OK, at least for me. No stinging sensation which is very common to most KOJIC whitening soaps. Redness on skin especially on my face I did not, luckily, had those episodes of freaking out due to such issues ‘coz I did not experience it with the Beauche gluta soap. Skin peeling yes there is and it’s practically part of the whole rejuvenating process. But it didn’t made my skin so sensitive to the sun unlike other brands I’ve tried that made me look red when I’m exposed to the sun.

It has this sort of vanilla scent that is so familiar with those Thailand snail and round-shaped facial soaps with similar contents such as milk and songyi mushroom extracts. A little FYI here, milk has protein that is known to naturally whiten the skin, and similarly songyi mushroom has been used in Asia as a natural and safe skin lightener.


Actually I already did three times over, consider it hoarding the last time I bought like 3 more for this post haha. It’s cheap anyway, you can buy it around PHP68~ the one in 90g or the 150g at PHP88~ . They have kiosk in several malls and stores online so gotta check them out if you wanna try this product. To see their website for more deets click this Beauche International.

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If you wanna be #beaucheful LOL that’s their tagline, go check out their IG @beaucheheadoffice for more info

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