Instagram Feeds That Influenced My Theme Style

One can influence many to see, to learn and to act likewise.

A feed that comes into existence with a sole purpose of just to have an account – yep that’s my Instagram. Over the years, I try to make changes from contents to captions I use, imitating users with great profiles. I’ve let myself get influenced by a number of individuals like models and bloggers alike. Following these influencers thought me the ropes and I could say my feed looks better now.

Feedgoal/s as one would address a really cool and nice feed, that’s not what I want for my own. Clean and cohesive, that’s what I’m trying to aim for so I seek for guides. How I choose users to follow is primarily based in theme style – mood and filter are my factors. Now before you could have a hundred guests of whose feeds I highly adore, I’ll cut the chat from here and bring you two of my personal favorites.


First spot goes to Kurt, a freelance photographer, blogger and social media strategist. Actually there’s a lot to tell about him so if you want to check him out (i highly suggest) sneak in to his world thru this link

Why I follow him? Well he has some seriously awesome outfit and model shots. A well-traveled person coz he’s a full-time jetsetter, how I love his job! Also, his feed got a sophisticated, stylish, elegant, and bachelor-like drama that I dream of.


Second on my list is Jacqueline, a photographer and blogger who has once worked as a full-time stylist and makeup artist. A girl from Berlin who so loves knits and denims. If you want to get more intimate with her (she’s taken by the way) you can travel to her space thru this link

Why I follow her? Definitely she’s one gorgeous girl so who wouldn’t. Plus we both love knits, oh how I wish having cold season throughout the year. This lady wears anything with style and cheek, so adorable. And why on earth are these two travelling like seriously a lot, while I go ooh so nice browsing through their pics. I agree talent takes you places! Oh well, I like her feed for having earthy colors with bluish tone – I’m almost mimicking her theme style.

One thought on “Instagram Feeds That Influenced My Theme Style

  1. Thank You FOR Sharing!! And I do appreciate your valuable time and effort put in here to write a post like this.


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