Instagram Feeds That Influenced My Theme Style

One can influence many to see, to learn and to act likewise.

A feed that comes into existence with a sole purpose of just to have an account – yep that’s my Instagram. Over the years, I try to make changes from contents to captions I use, imitating users with great profiles. I’ve let myself get influenced by a number of individuals like models and bloggers alike. Following these influencers thought me the ropes and I could say my feed looks better now. Continue reading “Instagram Feeds That Influenced My Theme Style”

Wenjie Canvass Jetsetter Backpack

Backpack is one of the many stuffs that I collect. It’s also a fave travel essential by backpackers like me, either for short or long trips. Whether I take a trip abroad or just an over the weekend jaunt, I always carry one. Continue reading “Wenjie Canvass Jetsetter Backpack”

Add Green Into Your Style

Let me give you a rundown of trendy and stylish menswear pieces that you can wear in style while following this year’s color trend. As it was revealed that ‘Green’ is the color for 2017, we might be looking into something to add into our wardrobe. Continue reading “Add Green Into Your Style”