Review: Revlite SI Treatment with SpectruMed

All hail to the latest technological advancements! We now have an abundance of options for skin treatments to give us smooth, clear, and youthful-looking skin.

One that promises to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin is the Revile SI treatment. Consistently raved about by celebrities and bloggers, this laser procedure offers a wide range of benefits for our skin.

Let’s admit it, nowadays it takes more than just a good skin care regimen to keep our skin from aging and prevent all other skin related problems from happening. If you are blessed with good genes trust me, you must be envied by many. There are others who aren’t as lucky and have to consider invasive procedures just to keep their skin looking perfect.

If you’re the latter, then you must be a good candidate for Revlite SI treatment.

Revlite SI Treatment

It’s a treatment that uses laser technology known as aesthetic medical laser, it’s considered as non-invasive laser treatment, so it is safe and effective, with no downtime. It mainly targets pigmented cells or melanin and breaks them down into smaller particles that the body can remove easily.

I don’t want to get very technical here but to further explain, the Revlite treatment uses a machine that creates pulses through light energy which stimulates the skin’s collagen production. Take note of the keyword “collagen”. Often referred to as the holy grail by many beauty junkies, collagen gives our skin its natural support network.

As we age our body tends to produce less of this skin building protein, thus we develop lines and wrinkles. Our skin becomes less able to recover from dark spots, scars, and sun damage. To make things better for our skin, Revlite uses laser light to activate skin cell renewal.
The treatment has no prolonged recovery periods as the laser light only passes on the affected areas of the skin. Some might experience slight redness and sensitivity which goes away after a while. So, worry not ‘cause you don’t have to skip from school or take a leave from work just to recover.

But of course, like any other treatments there are some precautions and post-treatment skin care that must be followed to effectively reap-off its benefits which I’ll discuss later.

During the Treatment

If you haven’t tried any non-invasive laser treatment before, the experience might feel somewhere between surprising and painful.

I had tried this treatment previously through a known skin care clinic, but back then it was just the first version of Revlite while this one is let’s say the improved or latest version. Going back, as I’ve said it could be painful, but the level of discomfort is very minimal. It only feels like slight snapping rubber band on your skin, just imagine very light pinching.

If you have a lot of dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, or freckles that you want to get rid of for cosmetic or whatever reasons it’s highly recommended you try this treatment.

Revlite SI Spectrumed
Before and After Treatment – Revlite SI

The procedure starts with prepping the skin by cleansing your face or removing make up if you have any. This could be optional but depending on your skin type or condition you might be required to exfoliate as it is very important to rid your skin from impurities before continuing with the treatment.

Treatment involves laser that passes through a hand-piece connected to the Revlite machine. The doctor will pass the light over areas of the skin to be treated. Depending on the condition of the problematic skin area, the doctor might need to go over twice.
In my case, during the first treatment I only had a single pass but stayed a bit longer on my forehead and cheeks. The second time took a few more passes focusing on the same areas as before. The treatment sort of removed the facial hair from my cheekbone, temples, and in between eyebrows. Those thin hairs surprisingly didn’t come back after weeks. That’s pain-free facial hair removal right there! During the third session, I just had few passes as my skin issues have lessened over time.

After having done three sessions, which by the way there’s at least a two-week interval in between every treatment, rough areas of my skin got smoother, dark spots have lessened, and wide-open pores tightened. My face looks brighter ’cause I got rid of those baby hairs and my skin tone got even better.

Pimple marks on my skin have truly improved and lightened. It will require a series of sessions to totally erase them, but I know that with Revlite, its possible. One more thing, if you have a pimple you will notice the next day that it will dry out. That’s absolutely amazing!

Revlite SI Treatment
During Revlite SI Treatment

Treatment could last about 15 – 20 minutes, that’s really quick. For people who are always on the go, you can do it during lunch time.

Once done, a moisturizer or sunscreen will be applied to soothe your skin and aid with healing process. You might notice some redness on your face, but don’t fret, it will subside in just 3 minutes or so.

If you ask me about side effects, I think the right term would be skin reaction, but this can appear on a case-by-case basis considering we all have different skin types and condition. In my personal experience, there’s no notable negative effect, but others had tiny bumps which was explained as having no bacteria related to pimple. It’s just a natural reaction due to the interference of laser with the sebaceous gland.

After the Treatment

It’s essential that you put sunscreen with SPF35 or higher and avoid the sun for a few days after your treatment. Well, regardless you get this treatment or not it is common knowledge that prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to serious skin damage, premature aging, sunburn, and the list goes on. So, take sun protection seriously.

You should also be cautious with the skin care products you’ll be using such as facial cleansers. They might be too harsh for your skin during the first 3 days from the treatment. Also, toners are not advisable just for a few days. I highly recommend that you consult with the doctor and tell them about your current skin care regimen to know if they’re safe to continue using or if you should temporarily avoid them.

Personally, I’ve been using a mild cleanser at night followed by aloe vera gel in the morning. I only use the aloe gel for cleansing my face, I keep this routine for a week.

Anyway, I’m not the type that uses a lot of products, following several steps or religiously layering serums, and whatnot. I’m a minimalist, I can live with just a pair of cleanser and moisturizer.

Where to Get Revlite

There are several clinics in the Metro where you can get the Revlite treatment but it’s important that you check if they are certified to provide such service. You can ask or look for their certificate of authenticity, or better yet, check this link to see the list of Certified Revlite Clinics.


Is a trusted provider of aesthetic lasers and the official distributor of Revlite SI laser machines in the Philippines. To get more details regarding Revlite, they can provide you with more information just visit their page and head over to Products section.

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Cold Brew Coffee by Nitro7

Probably not the first to introduce cold brew coffee to the locals here, but Nitro7 with no doubt has pioneered the coffee trend of nitrogen-infused cold brew in the Philippines.  Coffee junkies particularly those who would have their cup of joe cold rather hot are the culprits of its growing popularity.

Nitro7 Black Nitro

Nitro7’s cold brew, the Black Nitro for example, is more than just an iced coffee. The process of making it requires you to brew the grounds for no less than 18 hours keeping it inside a fridge or a cold countertop. Then, by infusing nitrogen it primarily intensifies the caffeine content by up to 30% while keeping reduced level of acidity. More importantly, it wouldn’t be completely distinguished from the cold brew coffee trend without the infusion of nitrogen, hence the name Nitro7.

Unlike other cafes that serve the same beverage but with using shots of espresso for their base, Nitro7 uses quality Black Nitro which sets them apart from the competition. One would expect it to taste less bitter, yes, and with a mild chocolaty flavor.


If you want some snack to pair with your cold brew, Nitro7’s menu offers some cheesy wraps and hotpressed sandwiches starting at Php115. I would highly recommend the 3-cheese sandwich and frank n cheese wrap. Nitro7 has this sort of promo or rather discount meal set where you get 2 regular nitro cold brew coffee and 2 wraps all for the price of 440Php which saves you about 50.

For some who are tea fanatic you got your choices under Tea Breve and Nitro Black Tea serving you option not to opt for coffee. The black tea includes Premium, Passion Fruit, Peach and Strawberry. While there’s Butterscotch, Melon and Caramel from the Breve, I didn’t try any ‘coz none of it piqued my interest.

Nitro7 The Fort Strip BGC
Nitro7 The Fort Strip BGC

I always prefer outdoor cafes over those inside the malls and establishments, so instead of the one in Megamall we head to their BGC branch in The Fort Strip. Business was a little slow that day perhaps, we spent there hours talking all about what comes in mind, looking at every customers that goes in and out – most of all we enjoyed what was served.

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