Cold Brew Coffee by Nitro7

Probably not the first to introduce cold brew coffee to the locals here, but Nitro7 with no doubt has pioneered the coffee trend of nitrogen-infused cold brew in the Philippines.  Coffee junkies particularly those who would have their cup of joe cold rather hot are the culprits of its growing popularity.

Nitro7 Black Nitro

Nitro7’s cold brew, the Black Nitro for example, is more than just an iced coffee. The process of making it requires you to brew the grounds for no less than 18 hours keeping it inside a fridge or a cold countertop. Then, by infusing nitrogen it primarily intensifies the caffeine content by up to 30% while keeping reduced level of acidity. More importantly, it wouldn’t be completely distinguished from the cold brew coffee trend without the infusion of nitrogen, hence the name Nitro7.

Unlike other cafes that serve the same beverage but with using shots of espresso for their base, Nitro7 uses quality Black Nitro which sets them apart from the competition. One would expect it to taste less bitter, yes, and with a mild chocolaty flavor.


If you want some snack to pair with your cold brew, Nitro7’s menu offers some cheesy wraps and hotpressed sandwiches starting at Php115. I would highly recommend the 3-cheese sandwich and frank n cheese wrap. Nitro7 has this sort of promo or rather discount meal set where you get 2 regular nitro cold brew coffee and 2 wraps all for the price of 440Php which saves you about 50.

For some who are tea fanatic you got your choices under Tea Breve and Nitro Black Tea serving you option not to opt for coffee. The black tea includes Premium, Passion Fruit, Peach and Strawberry. While there’s Butterscotch, Melon and Caramel from the Breve, I didn’t try any ‘coz none of it piqued my interest.

Nitro7 The Fort Strip BGC
Nitro7 The Fort Strip BGC

I always prefer outdoor cafes over those inside the malls and establishments, so instead of the one in Megamall we head to their BGC branch in The Fort Strip. Business was a little slow that day perhaps, we spent there hours talking all about what comes in mind, looking at every customers that goes in and out – most of all we enjoyed what was served.

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